Lube the door hinges and rubbing components with a proper quality lubricant. Also look for bad rollers or broken hinges. If broken, bent or misaligned, they will cause the door to make an unnecessary amount of noise. Also the door could be improperly adjusted in the tracks. If so, please call Full Service Garage Doors to fix this problem. This problem can cause damage to the door. Order a proper lubricant to extend the life of your door. Using nylon rollers will reduce the noise.

The seal at the bottom and sides of the door should not allow light or cold air to penetrate and bring down the temperature of your garage in winter. This can raise your heating bill and cause your garage to become very cold in winter. Call Full Service Garage Doors to replace the worn seals and weather stripping.

You can repair the weather seal on the garage door and add additional insulation to help keep your garage floor clean and free of wind-blown debris. Otherwise, just tightening the track can help make the garage door seal better around the opening of your garage. Replace the seal at the bottom if the concrete is damaged.

Look above your door at the springs to determine if they are broken. The tension stress over time can cause metal fatigue which will cause the spring to break. This will cause the door to not open.

This could mean that you may have a bad door opener or the door opener could be unplugged from electricity or disconnected from the door. If the door opener runs but the door won’t move, make sure the door is connected to the moving bracket (traveler). The emergency release may be disconnected and needs to be reengaged to make contact with the traveler.

In most cases this is due to a dead battery in the remote control or it could also be a circuit board problem. If you have replaced the battery and the door still doesn't go up, try re-programming your remote control. The remote control may have failed. Try using a second remote control. Then replace the faulty remote control with a new one. Call Full Service Garage Doors to service the garage door opener.

Check your photo sensors. These are the safety sensors at the bottom of the opening at each side of the track that cause the door to go up when something is blocking the opening. Sometimes the photo eyes can look good, but vibration misaligned the sensors causing the door to reverse. If these sensors are misaligned the opener light will flash indicating that the sensors are either blocked or not aligned properly.

This usually means that the force on the garage door opener is not set correctly, or the springs are not balanced correctly. Call Full Service Garage Doors to service and adjust the force or balance the tension on the springs to return the door to safe and proper function.
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